Amara Locket Necklace

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The Amara locket is a heart shaped locket necklace featuring a colorful pink, purple, and blue design in glittery enamel. The perfect gift for a little girl, this petite locket has a sparkling white topaz stone in its center. The back of this locket is engraved with "I Love You Past the Stars". Sterling silver pendant with white topaz stone, and a 18 inch chain. 

The name Amara has many meanings in multiple languages. Some of the translations are beloved, eternal, and imperishable. It is said that those with this name feel a deep yearning to express themselves through the arts and music. Deeply intellectual and introspective, Amara's tend to be introverts who prefer to spend time relaxing on their own. The Amara customizable locket necklace is for all those deep thinking little girls who sometimes surprise us with how thoughtful they can be. Tuck a photo inside this lovely locket and it's sure to be a little girl's most prized possession.

This product needs to be customized when purchased. Email the photo that you want in this locket to Please write “Photo Locket Order” in the subject heading.