Aquarius Locket Necklace

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The Aquarius Zodiac locket necklace was designed to honor this original, independent sign. The dark blue glittering enamel and sparking topaz stones on this slide photo locket reminds us of the night sky. Sterling silver pendant with glittery blue enamel and white topaz stones. 18” Sterling Silver necklace chain. Locket measures 22 mm diameter.

Those born between January 21st and February 18th are born under the sign Aquarius. Aquarians value their independence and are highly intellectual and progressive people. They are the life of the party but will eventually need their time away to recharge. A fun, helpful person, Aquarians make for the best of friends. They will listen well and are able to hear both sides of an argument without forming prejudice. This locket honors the zodiac sign of Aquarius in all of their glory.

When ordering this locket, email the desired photo to with “locket order” in the subject heading.