Luxe Baby Stuffed Chick

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If you're looking for a designer stuffed chick to be your cuddly plush companion to last a lifetime, then you need look no further than Winnie the Designer Stuffed Chick Luxe Boutique Plush by Aurora. Measuring approximately nine inches in a seated position, this designer chick stuffed animal is conveniently sized to take with you wherever you go. To school, to work, to Grandma's house. You name it, and this stuffed chick is ready to go. Covered on the outside with long, white feathery plush that is super soft to the touch, there's no denying this designer stuffed chick has a a luxurious aesthetic. It's adorable face and bean-weighted body add to some of the amazing features this designer chick stuffed animal has to offer. Aurora has really outdone themselves with the Luxe Boutique plush line with techniques like airbrushing and fabric shading. Winnie the Designer Stuffed Chick Luxe Boutique Plush by Aurora, just like the rest of the Luxe Boutique, features signature long, feathery plush material that's so soft you won't be able to resist reaching out to touch it. Your friends and family will do the same, and will wonder where you got it.