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FITsplint Maternity

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Maternity FITsplint supports the back, belly, bladder and hips during pregnancy. Use the straps to lift belly up off bladder to help reduce bladder pressure. Straps can separate for motion control during activity or be placed down low for more hip support. Fully adjustable for custom fit. It is flexible and slim and can be worn 3 different ways. Offers great running support. 5 PreCORE Exercises Included! PATENTED Product can be worn against undershirt or direct skin. Made from silicone, nylon and breathable neoprene *Skin irritations or allergic reactions from silicone or neoprene are possible but rare 
 SIZING - by pre-pregnancy jean size: Small 0-6 pre-pregnancy jeans, Medium 6-12 pre-pregnancy jeans, Large 14-20 pre-pregnancy jeans