Gloria Locket Necklace

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Pay tribute to those you love with striking blue lapis. Set in sterling silver and finished with white topaz accents, this timeless piece is destined to be a treasured addition to any collection. Sterling Silver locket pendant with Lapis and Quartz doublet and White Topaz. Locket measures 22 x 18mm. Comes with 18" Sterling Silver chain with a jump ring at 16" allowing for two lenght options. 

The inspiration for our Gloria photo locket necklace was a true California girl born in 1910 and who lived to be 100 years old. Gloria Stuart was the oldest living Oscar nominee for her unforgettable performance as Rose Dawson Calvert in Titanic. She was a dedicated activist, helping to create the Screen Actor’s Guild, and passionate environmentalist before it was in vogue. She pursued the arts her entire life. From screen acting to New York stages to painting and creating sculptures and furniture she never stopped learning and growing. She lived a full and amazing life but it was Titanic that left an indelible mark on our memories. Portraying the free spirit that returns the Heart of the Ocean to the sea we created this locket with this remarkable woman in mind. Rebellious, beautiful and dedicated to being true to herself and others, that’s what our Gloria means to us. Women like that are as rare as that jewel and deserve to be appreciated and remembered. This heirloom locket hopes to honor the incredible life of this extraordinary woman.