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Inspired by Finn Kids Amber Flower with Lepidolite

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Baltic Amber is an ancient fossilized Tree Resin. For hundreds of years, it has been a traditional remedy and curative for many ailments and discomforts. Paired with the Gemstone Lepidoite, this flower necklace offers extra calming and soothing power. Lepidolite (purple stone) is a soothing stone that promotes relaxation.  It can help calm an overactive mind.   

When worn on the skin it is said to:

  • Relieve discomfort Break the cycle of chronic inflammation
  • Improve cellular respiration and energy
  • Help maintain overall wellness  

Can help relieve discomforts for people of all ages:

Teething, orthodontics, growing pains, TMJ, allergies,  headaches/migraines, neck/shoulder discomfort, menstrual discomfort, and more!