Jeannie Locket Necklace

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Our sweet Jeannie acorn locket necklace opens up to reveal a loved one tucked inside. Studded with White Topaz, this one-of-a-kind piece has modern appeal. Sterling Silver locket pendant with White Topaz gemstones. Locket measures 16.25mm x 14.25mm. Comes with an 18" Sterling Silver chain with a jump ring at 16" allowing for two length options. 

Our Jeannie custom locket necklace is inspired by the acorn which grows into the mighty oak. It’s the perfect imagery for our dear friend Jeannie who supports the world around her with a smile. She is the root and seed for her family, friends and an early supporter of With You. She saw the dream right along with us. Not only does her generous spirit exude and extend to everyone around her but can be felt in the locket designed with her in mind. She’s the calm one who puts others first but can still find time to be gracious and funny. Our Jeannie locket puts a foundation at your fingertips. Who grounds you? Who deserves Jeannie?