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Glass and Window Block Crayons

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If you only own one set of crayons, make it these! These block style crayons can be used on paper and on smooth surfaces like glass (think windows!). Done with coloring? No problem, these soft crayons double as watercolor paints, so your little one can paint with them! These big, chunky Glass and Window Block Crayons let creative kids turn their windows and mirrors into fields of vibrant color, as they can color safely on just about any surface, then easily erase their work with a swipe of water. They not only work wonderfully on windows, glass, and mirrors, but they also can be used on paper, whiteboard, and the Kitpas Reversible Art Panel.

Set includes eight Block Window Crayons with one of each of the following colors:

White Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Black

SIZE : Each crayon measures approximately 2 x 1 x .5 inches.

Made in Japan.