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Planet Wise Reusable Wet Bag | Medium

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Wet bags aren't just for diapers. Their uses are endless, such as: Storing Diapers, Diaper Bag Replacement, Potty Training, Storing Wet Swim Suits, Beach Bag, Kitchen Towel Storage, Makeup, Travel toiletries, Glove compartment storage,  diaper blowouts, Workout clothes, Food, Boo-boos, Cloth pads, Pump and pump parts, First aid kit, Vomit bag, Backup contact stuff and more...

Planet Wise brand reusable wet bags keep plastic bags out of our landfills. Planet Wise Wet Bags are made with a high-quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) that is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. PVC-free interior and lead-free zippers make it the perfect bag for your family and our environment. Wet Bags in the Performance line are made with a canvas-like material which is coated with a non-toxic water repellent, making them water resistant. The water repellent does not wash out onto other items in the laundry and retains 95% effectiveness even after 100 washes!