Rody Inflatable Children's Ride On Horse Toy (now with pump!)

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Rody Horse - An adorable, soft child's riding toy all the way from Italy to you.

No need for prompting - kids hop on Rody’s back and gallop about, bouncing for height and distance, testing their abilities in balance and coordination, getting a head start on developing jumping and running abilities, and smiling from here to out yonder.  Parents love jumping Rody's glossy sheen, his modern shape, unique colors, and the fact that Rody can be inflated to suit changes in size and weight of children as they grow. Rody is designed especially for children ages 2 to 4, but easy to hold ears, soft vinyl and unique shape make it easy for Rody to accommodate beginning riders as well.

Rody’s construction of super strong vinyl can support even larger riders, so "giddy-up" and consider the long-term benefits of a hopping horse for an indoor or outdoor ride on toy. Supports up to 100 pounds.

Rody Horses are often used in therapy for handicapped children due to their appeal to children, softness, and ride on qualities. Rody Horse Develops balance and coordination Used by therapists for developing gross motor skills Easy to hold ears, soft vinyl, unique easy to ride shape Inflatable according to the size and weight of a child.

Average inflated height: 12 inches at saddle Constructed of super strong, latex-free vinyl; free of phthalates Easily washed with soap and water Use of hand or foot pump recommended for inflating Made in Italy

 Note: Air pump is now included!