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Slumberkins Unicorn Snuggler | Rose Unicorn

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Cuddly creatures that help parents support their children's social-emotional growth. Each animal has a unique story that promotes a positive skill and explores an emotional intention. A wonderful resource for deepening the caregiver-child bond, while helping to make sense of the big emotions that children can experience.

This Unicorn Snuggler is the most magical creature around. Designed to promote authenticity; this cuddly snuggler comes with a keepsake affirmation card that teaches little ones the importance of being true to themselves. Unicorn is accompanied by a keepsake affirmation card. Don't forget to add the Unicorn board book for a deep dive into being your unique self!

Product Details: 20" x 9"

Ultra Soft-plush is 100% Polyester

Soft head is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill